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Stan's Cafe in Of All The People In All The World: The Americas

November 29–December 30


  • $10 General
  • $7 Seniors and Full-Time Students
  • $5 Children 2–12
  • Free to Skirball Members and Children under 2
  • Free to all on Thursdays
  • Includes admission to all other exhibitions


Back by popular demand this engaging performance installation uses rice-each grain representing one person in the Americas-to illustrate fascinating statistics about people around the world.

Back by popular demand! Engage in the performance installation that captivated thousands of viewers in its one-week presentation at the Skirball last fall.

Now in a month-long engagement, Of All the People in All the World will feature more than fifteen tons of rice-900 million grains total, equaling the population of the Americas-organized to bring local, national, and global statistics to life. Artists from the innovative British theater company Stan's Cafe will carefully weigh and pile the staple food to quantify a variety of facts, from the serious and sobering to the lighthearted. Each grain of rice represents one individual. From the few women ever elected to the U.S. Senate to the multitudes who eat at McDonald's daily to the Southland residents who walk to work, the statistics portrayed will create an evolving landscape of rice, as the artists dismantle old piles and measure out new ones, often in response to the artists' interactions with visitors.

Shocking, playful, dismal, and hopeful in turn, Of All the People in All the World will inspire viewers to celebrate how everyone counts in our ever-expanding global society.


Suggest a statistic to Stan's Cafe via its online "Statistics Center" and help the artists determine which facts and figures to illustrate at the Skirball. To submit your idea, visit:

Or check out our blog Stan's Cafe at the Skirball

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