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Photo by Danielle Klebanow

Family Programs

Family Art Studio

Summer schedule: Tuesday–Sunday, June 13–August 20, except July 4, and Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, August 24–September 3
Regular schedule: Saturdays and Sundays

About the Program

Enjoy one-of-a-kind art projects themed around Skirball exhibitions. Reinforcing the values of collaboration, community, and caring for the world around us, projects will ignite the imaginations of your family members, whether they are 2 or 102!

Tuesday–Sunday, June 13–25: Endangered Animal Sculptures—Using recycled and repurposed materials, create a unique sculpture of an endangered animal from anywhere in the world.

Tuesday–Sunday, June 27–July 9: Song Books—Channel the creativity of Paul Simon, and collage a book of words and music. Then dedicate it to a cause that you feel passionate about.

Tuesday–Sunday, July 11–23: Hopeful Homes—Inspired by the installation Future Aleppo become an architect and build a welcoming home for all.

Tuesday–Sunday, July 25–August 6: Chimes of Joy—Inspired by Paul Simon’s exploration of musical traditions, create your own unique-sounding chime.

Tuesday–Sunday, August 8–20, and Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, August 24–31: Wonder-ful Wall Hangings—Using ecofriendly materials, create a wall hanging that represents what you can do to help the environment.

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