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Tuesday, June 6, 7:30 p.m.

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Based on a true story, Maudie follows the unlikely romance that develops between Maud Lewis (Sally Hawkins), a folk artist with crippling arthritis, and the curmudgeonly recluse Everett (Ethan Hawke).

In Nova Scotia in the late 1930s, Maud makes art to escape the solitary existence of living with her overly protective family. But when she answers an ad to become a housekeeper, she discovers an opportunity to finally become independent. At a ten-by-twelve-foot house that has neither running water nor electricity, Maud meets Everett, a forty-year-old scrappy but proud bachelor. Although Everett is at first wary of his new employee—Maud has little talent for housekeeping and doodles on his walls—the two soon bond in ways they never imagined.

The film opens in theaters nationwide June 16, 2017.

(2017, 117 min. Rated PG-13.) Film provided by Sony Pictures Classics.

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