• Registration Tips and Information

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    • ?How do I register for a school program?
      1. Create or locate your Skirball account—We recommend all teachers create an account in advance of our listed registration dates, as programs tend to fill quickly. You can create an account by visiting our school programs portal and submitting your email.

        If you already have an account but don’t remember your login information, visit the school programs portal and submit your email under “Create an Account.” Follow the prompts to reset your username and password.
      2. Select your school program—For detailed descriptions, click on the School Programs tab above.
      3. Select a date—After clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” button for your desired program, you will enter the Skirball’s online registration system. If this is your first time using this system, enter your email address and follow the prompts to create an account. Once you are logged in, select the date on which you’d like to book your virtual field trip. 
      4. Complete your registration—Once you have logged in and selected your program date, complete the registration form. Please follow registration instructions carefully and make sure to fill out all required fields; incomplete forms will not be accepted by our online system. You may log in to your account and update your information at any time. If you request a fee waiver for your virtual field trip, you will be asked to submit additional required information regarding your request. 
      5. Await your confirmation—After you have submitted your request, you will receive an automated email indicating that you have completed your registration. Please note that  this email is not a final confirmation of your  program. It only indicates that your request has been received. Please allow up to four weeks to receive official confirmation of your scheduled program. 

      Please note: Teachers are only eligible to register one class for a virtual field trip within the 2020–2021 academic year.

    • ?What should I do if I forgot my username and/or password?
      1. Submit your email in the school programs portal—Visit our school programs portal and enter your email under “Create an Account.” You will receive an email with a temporary username and password.
      2. Log in using your temporary username and password—After you log in, you can change your username and password by going to “My Account” and editing your account information.
    • ?How many students can participate in a school program?
      • Virtual field trips are limited to one class per registration. We suggest a maximum of 30 participants.  
      • In-person field trips are limited to one class per registration. We suggest a maximum of 30 students and 5 adults for Noah’s Ark at the Skirball, and 35 students and 5 adults for Archaeology of the Near East school tours.
    • ?How do I cancel my program?
      To cancel your program, either email education@skirball.org or log in to your Skirball account. If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so that schools on the waitlist can be accommodated. To avoid billing, cancellations must be made at least one week prior to your scheduled program.
    • ?How can I contact you?

      For virtual field trip inquiries, email education@skirball.org.  
      For lesson plan support or questions about workshops for teachers, email teacherprograms@skirball.org. 

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    Online Safety

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    • ?How do I prepare for a school program?

      After completing the registration process, you will receive information about how to prepare, including links to useful resources. 

      For virtual field trips:  

      • If you requested to host the virtual field trip, remember to provide your meeting details with us at least two weeks before the date of your program. You can do this directly using your teacher account. 
      • If you requested for the Skirball to host the virtual field trip, you will receive Zoom meeting credentials unique to your program. We ensure all of our Skirball-hosted virtual field trips are private and password protected. 

    • ?What are Skirball’s safety guidelines for virtual field trips?

      For privacy, no recording or screenshots are permitted during the program.

      Teachers must be present and on-screen with their camera turned on throughout the duration of the virtual field trip. We understand that students may have their cameras off due to bandwidth capacity.

      When Skirball hosts:

      • All participants joining a Zoom call are first placed in a virtual waiting room. Skirball educators admit the classroom teacher first; the teacher then gives permission to admit students into the classroom, ensuring that only approved participants can enter.
      • Online meeting settings are configured so that participants are not allowed to share their screens, share files, or use annotations without teacher permission.
      • Educators encourage students to engage verbally or non-verbally (via chat). Teachers can request to turn off the chat function if desired.

      When the teacher hosts:

      • Skirball educators will use the screen sharing function during the program and will require co-host privileges assigned by the classroom teacher.
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    Cost and Fee Waivers

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    • ?How much does a school program cost?

      Virtual field trip fee:  $50 flat rate per group  
      Suggested capacity:  One class (up to 30 students)    

      In-person field trip fee: $100 flat rate per group  
      Suggested capacity:  One class (up to 30 students for Noah’s Ark; up to 35 students for Archaeology)

      Payments must be made within fourteen days after receiving your program invoice. Please do not bring payment with you on the day of your visit.  

      If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so that schools on the waitlist can be accommodated. To avoid billing, cancellations must be made at least one week prior to your scheduled program.

    • ?Are admission scholarships available?

      Yes, the Skirball provides admission scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis to public schools in need. You may apply for an admission scholarship online when you submit your school program request form. Your scholarship status will be indicated in your visit confirmation. 

    • ?Are transportation scholarships available? 

      Yes, the Skirball provides bus scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis to public schools in need. You may apply for a bus scholarship online when you submit your school program request form. Your scholarship status will be indicated in your visit confirmation, including a scholarship number and detailed instructions for ordering your bus.  

      Note: Bus scholarships are not transferable and are limited to $450 per scholarship. Each school may receive up to three bus scholarships per school year.  

      Schools are responsible for making their own bus arrangements; the Skirball does not book or cancel bus reservations on behalf of schools. 

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    • ?How do I request a sensory bag? 
      To request a sensory bag (which includes noise-dampening headphones, stims, fidgets, and fine-motor manipulatives) prior to your visit, please email education@skirball.org.  
    • ?How do I request noise-dampening headphones for school performances or tours? 
      To request noise-dampening headphones, please email schoolperformances@skirball.org.  
    • ?If a student needs to take a break at any time, are quiet spaces available? 
      Skirball Educators can assist teachers and chaperones in finding a quiet space in the galleries, performance halls, or courtyards. A teacher or chaperone must remain with the group at all times.  
    • ?If a student needs assistance from an adult in the restroom, are inclusive restrooms are available? 
      Yes. Inclusive restrooms are available for students who need additional assistance. We recommend that all students use the restroom at the beginning of their visit. 
    • ?Where can I learn more about accessibility at the Skirball?
      As part of its mission, the Skirball strives to welcome people of all communities. For a complete list of the ever-expanding amenities and services available at the Skirball, visit our Accessibility webpage. To request specific accommodations for your visit, please follow the directions above or notify a Skirball employee upon your arrival.  
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    Directions and Parking

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    • ?How do we get to the Skirball?

      The Skirball Cultural Center is located in the Sepulveda Pass just off the 405 Freeway, 2.5 miles south of the 101 Freeway. Traveling north or south on the 405, take the Skirball Ctr. Dr. exit and make a right onto Sepulveda Blvd. For customized driving directions, visit the Google Map and enter your starting address.

    • ?Where do we park at the Skirball?

      After drop off at the front entrance, buses must park in the Skirball’s eastern parking garage (“East Lot”), located across Sepulveda Blvd.  

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    Snacks and Lunch

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    • ?Is there time for a snack before the program?

      Yes. Students are welcome to have a snack upon arrival at the Skirball on the front steps. Please arrive thirty minutes prior to the start of your program so that students have time for a snack and bathroom break.  

    • ?May we eat lunch at the Skirball?

      Due to safety and limited resources, we are not able to accommodate groups for lunch on campus at this time. However, with your emailed confirmation, you will also receive a list of nearby parks that can serve as alternate lunch sites. You can also view the list here or download a PDF here.