The week-long Jewish holiday of Sukkot celebrates the fall harvest season. People gather together and enjoy meals in a foliage-covered booth or shelter known as a sukkah. We invite you to welcome this season by making a harvest weaving! Think about your favorite fall fruits and vegetables and create a unique decorative artwork for your sukkah or somewhere in your home.

Materials, cardboard, yarn, scissors,pen


  • Cardboard, cardstock, or chipboard
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Colorful yarn
  • Optional: Beads or other decorative materials


  1. Draw a few of your favorite fall fruits and/or vegetables onto sturdy cardboard, cardstock, or chipboard. Helpful tip: Larger, less detailed drawings work best! In our example, we drew a pomegranate and an etrog (yellow citrus), which is one of the four plants mentioned in the Torah as being relevant to the Sukkot holiday.
  1. Cut out your harvest drawings.

  1. Cut ½-inch slits into the sides of your harvest cutouts.

Harvest weaving steps1-3

  1. Start decorating with colorful yarn. Wrap the end of the yarn around your first cutout and tie a knot. You can use another yarn color for your other cutouts if you wish.

  1. Weave the yarn through the slits in your harvest cutouts. Take the yarn across each fruit or vegetable, weaving it through the slits in any direction. You can experiment with adding extra decorations like beads, ribbon, or something else. Get creative!
  2. Tie off the yarn and tuck loose ends away.

Harvest Weaving step 4-6

  1. Tie one more piece of yarn in a loop to the top of each cutout. Then, hang your harvest weaving on your sukkah or somewhere at home!

Harvest Weaving step 7-8

Share your Harvest Weaving with us! Use the hashtag #Skirball to show us how yours came out!