Rock & Roll's Tin Pan Alley

Left to right: Brill Building regulars Don Kirshner, Carole King, and Gerry Goffin, c. 1965, courtesy of Photofest


Rock & Roll’s Tin Pan Alley: The Brill Building

Wednesdays, January 17–February 21, 1:00–3:00 p.m.

About the Program

If you have a favorite song from the late 1950s or the early 1960s, chances are it was written by a songwriter from the Brill Building—an office building, also dubbed a “magic place” and rock & roll’s “Tin Pan Alley,” that became synonymous with a transformative approach to pop music.

Led by producing partners and songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Brill Building songwriters were primarily teenagers from New York: Carole King, Neil Sedaka, Paul Simon, and Neil Diamond, among others. View rare videos and hear personal stories from this songwriting powerhouse and gain insight into American pop culture of the period.

Instructor: Steve Barri is a composer, lyricist, music industry executive, and musical theater enthusiast. As vice president of Dunhill Records, he was involved in signing several notable acts, including Steely Dan, Jimmy Buffet, and Three Dog Night. While working at Warner Bros. and Motown Records, Barri was a producer for Lionel Richie and served as advisor for the soundtrack of The Big Chill.