Conra-Tiempo dancing

Photo by Steve Wylie

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Sunday, July 7, 12:00 and 2:00 pm

About the Program

Expand your imagination with this bold, multilingual Los Angeles-based dance company creating physically intense and politically astute performance work. Founded by Artistic Director Ana Maria Alvarez, CONTRA-TIEMPO creates a new physical, visual, and sonic vocabulary that collages salsa, Afro-Cuban, hip-hop, and contemporary dance with theater, compelling text, and original music to bring dynamic multimodal experiences to the concert stage.

See an excerpt of their most recent work, joyUS justUS, a dance-theater experience that positions joy as the ultimate expression of resistance. After the performance, the company will have you moving and grooving with their "Sabor Session" (named after the Spanish word for "flavor"), where dancers will guide participants in Afro-Latin social dance forms that are rooted in radical joy.

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