Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble

Photo by Carlo Singson

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Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble

Saturday, August 27, 12:00 and 2:00 p.m.

About the Program

Explore traditional gong-chime music and dances from the southern Philippines with the Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble of Southern California.

Formed in 2003 by UCLA Ethnomusicology and World Arts and Cultures alumni Bernard Ellorin, Mary Talusan, Eleanor Lipat-Chesler, Peter Paul De Guzman, and Nickki Martin, the Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble’s mission is to represent marginalized ethnic minorities with artistry, integrity, and respect. As artist-scholars, the members conduct regular fieldwork in the Philippines with native practitioners of music and dance from the Maguindanao, Maranao, Tausug, Sama, and Yakan ethnolinguistic groups. The ensemble performs regularly at public events, festivals, and educational settings throughout Southern California.