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Call for Video Submissions

Skirball Hanukkah Celebration

Video submissions due on Sunday, November 8, at 5:00 pm

About the Program

Be part of our Hanukkah celebration from home! Submit a self-recorded video clip of your family celebrating the holiday and we’ll consider it for inclusion in our virtual Skirball Hanukkah Celebration. This specially filmed online program is scheduled to premiere on YouTube on Sunday, December 13, at 3:00 pm (PT) (program details TBA). Read the instructions carefully, then submit your video clip today!

What to capture in your video clip

What are we looking for? Short video clips (thirty seconds up to a minute) of family members of all ages engaging in Hanukkah traditions at home. Here are examples of what we’d love to see your family doing in the clip:

  • Lighting your Hanukkah lamp
  • Grown-ups teaching children how to light the hanukkiah and say the blessings
  • Spinning dreidels
  • Giving, receiving, or enjoying chocolate gelt
  • Frying latkes or making other holiday foods together
  • Lots of smiling and laughing!

No need for long videos explaining the traditions. Instead, please show heartfelt, joyful moments of Hanukkah togetherness at home.

How to record your video clip

  • Use your smartphone (or any video recording device) to record your Hanukkah family moment.
  • Make sure your recording is oriented horizontally (not vertically).
  • Make sure your finger does not cover the lens or microphone of your device.
  • Keep your faces in the frame as much as possible and frame the activity clearly, whether the video is being shot in selfie mode, by a family member, or on a tripod.
  • Feel free to shoot the video in your yard, kitchen, living room, or wherever feels right for the activity.
  • While recording your video, talk, laugh, sing, dance, look at each other, or engage however you wish to in the activity. There’s no right or wrong here!
  • Be creative, and have fun!

How to submit your video clip

Click on the SUBMIT VIDEO button below and provide the required information, including signing a release form, then upload your video clip as instructed. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, November 8, at 5:00 pm.

Please note: Not all video submissions will make it into the final Hanukkah celebration video.

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