The Sarajevo Haggadah: Music Of The Book

Merima Ključo by Kemal Softic


The Sarajevo Haggadah—Cancelled

Music of the Book

Sunday, March 29, 7:00 pm

About the Program

Composer-performer Merima Ključo’s multimedia work for accordion, piano, and video traces the dramatic story of one of Jewish culture’s most treasured illuminated manuscripts. Drawing from various musical traditions, Ključo follows the Haggadah’s travels from medieval Spain to twentieth-century Bosnia, where it was hidden and then rescued during World War II, to its restoration by Sarajevo’s National Museum in the 1990s. At the Skirball, Ključo will perform with pianist Danny Holt, and their performance is accompanied by Bart Woodstrup’s video art featuring abstract re-compositions of imagery from the book. 

Arrive at 6:15 pm for a short talk on Sarajevo’s Jewish community by Joseph Benatov, PhD, of the University of Pennsylvania.

“Powerful music. An incredible story.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer

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