yiddish art trio

Photo by April Renae


Yiddish Art Trio

Sunday, January 24, 7:00 p.m.

About the Program

Experience the dynamic and genre-transcending sound of the Yiddish Art Trio. Rooted in klezmer, this accomplished trio uses traditional idioms to explore new forms and harmonies, vastly expanding klezmer’s musical language.

Since early 2009, the Yiddish Art Trio has set out to redefine the scope of contemporary Yiddish music. Accordionist Patrick Farrell, double bassist and vocalist Benjy Fox-Rosen, and clarinetist Michael Winograd are a tight-knit group known for their ability to harness the full range of tonal and expressive possibilities. The music, whether ecstatic or introspective, is thoughtfully composed and brilliantly performed.

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