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Skirball Cultural Center

Noah's Ark at the Skirball: The Art of Imagination

Curriculum | Pre-K—Grade 5

Educator smiling and standing in Noah's Ark exhibition with rainbow in the background
A family of nine penguins carved out wood standing together

Winner of the California Association of Museums’ Superintendent’s Award for Excellence in Museum Education! Inspired by timeless flood stories, the Art of Imagination curriculum focuses on the ways that each of us, including the youngest members of our community, can make a difference.

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1

The Art of Storytelling

Watch a cultural flood story, discuss its big ideas, and draw upon personal experiences to make connections.


Lesson 2

Community Council

Use this powerful discussion format as a daily reflection, restorative practice, or way to join with others after a shared experience.


Lesson 3

Story Collector

Connect with role models and become a recorder of your own family or community history. 


Lesson 4

Re-Discovered Animals

Explore the concept of symbolism as you construct your own animal sculptures made out of found objects—just like the animals aboard Noah’s Ark!  


Lesson 5

Noah’s Ark from Head to Tale

What stories do objects hold? Use your imagination to write first-person narratives about everyday items and family heirlooms. 


Lesson 6

Taking Action Together

Reflect on your community’s needs and create a service-learning action plan.


Lesson 7

Cards of Kindness

Brighten someone’s day through letter-writing, poetry, and the visual arts.


Lessons 1–7

Full Collection

Download a zip file with all seven lessons. 


Watch Noah’s Ark Videos

Check out a series of videos produced for the Art of Imagination and featured in the lesson plans above! Join Noah’s Ark educators, listen to their interpretations of cultural flood stories, and create mindful moments to practice compassion and curiosity.

Welcome to Noah’s Ark at the Skirball™

Bienvenidos a Noah's Ark at the Skirball™

A Maasai Flood Story

A Lenape Flood Story

Mindful Moment: Storm

Mindful Moment: Rainbow

Curriculum Extension

  • Self-Portrait Collage

    Build upon the Re-Discovered Animals lesson plan with this coloring and collage-making activity developed by Los Angeles artist Stephanie Mercado. Combine Mercado's illustrations with meaningful photos and a personal statement to create a self-portrait that explores your relationship to nature and the world.