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Skirball Cultural Center

A note on traditions of welcome and security in a time of grief and conflict

A metal sculpture that shaped in an arc emits mist and creates a rainbow. The sculpture sits in an green arroyo outside of a 3 story building.

As a Jewish cultural center, the Skirball honors the most basic tenant of Judaic teaching: that every life contains within it a divine spark and is equally deserving of dignity and kindness. To see thousands of people killed, injured, and terrorized in the Hamas attacks on Israel and the subsequent violence and dehumanization consuming the entire region as a result is utterly heartbreaking.  

The Skirball Cultural Center recommits to being a place of meeting guided by the Jewish tradition of welcoming the stranger and inspired by the American democratic ideals of freedom and equality. We welcome people of all communities and generations to participate in cultural experiences that celebrate discovery and hope, foster human connections, and call upon us to help build a more just society.

The safetyto gather, to learn, to celebrate, and to be oneselfof our employees, students, volunteers, and visitors, is our highest priority. As antisemitism, Islamophobia, fear, and hate find fertile ground in fresh anguish and crisis, the Skirball will take every necessary precaution to ensure this is an oasis for all who seek to join in community with us. 

To read President and CEO Jessie Kornberg's message to the community following the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, click here.