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Juneteenth Seder Project: An Interactive Theatrical Experience

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Three people stand on a stage facing each other and holding hand. They are lit with blue and red lights for a performance.

Courtesy of Inheritance Theater Project

Take part in a uniquely theatrical shared experience with Inheritance Theater Project designed to bridge perceived or real divides between the Jewish people and African Americans.

Date and Time

Sunday, June 23, 3:00 pm

Doors at 2:00 pm

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  • FREE
  • Event takes place outdoors in Taper Courtyard

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About the Program

Illustration of two people, one wearing a kippah, hold hands and face a city skyline. Four figures with halos and angel's wings hover on either side.

Poster Art Designer Jessi Ujazi (www.jessiujazi.com)

Theater can be a source of deep connection between actors and their audiences. In the gifted hands of Inheritance Theater Project, this connection is uniquely experienced between audience members as well. 

In this theatrical ritual experience, a group of four Angelenos function as Greek chorus and ritual leaders, taking audiences through a fictional story about a Black Jewish couple on their way to a Juneteenth Seder thrown by some well-meaning, but out of their depths, friends who are attempting to reconcile the cultural inheritances of Juneteenth and Passover. 

Delivered by a multi-racial cadre of actors from across the US, with a special appearance by artist and abolitionist Patrisse Cullors, the Juneteenth Seder Project is designed to bridge perceived or real divides between the Jewish people and African Americans, integrating the traditions of the story of Exodus (as told in the Passover Seder) with the story and symbolism of the Juneteenth holiday. The performance's objective is to connect two vital communities who have uniquely endured expulsion, exclusion, and exodus across space, geography, and time. This Juneteenth celebration offers the ability for our community to create something new together, strengthening ties, forming friendships, and impacting civil discourse that delivers on liberty and justice for all.

About Inheritance Theater Project

Through comedy, music, theater and audience participation, Inheritance Theater Project—in collaboration with hundreds of community co-creators—makes Los Angeles the stage for a new type of theatrical event, created to hold space for our city’s beautiful complexities as we initiate conversations around our individual and collective identities.

Inheritance Theater Project works with intersectional, intergenerational, and interfaith communities to build relationships across divides through a participatory playmaking process inspired by shared cultural touchstones.

About Patrisse Cullors

Headshot of Patrisse Cullors looking directly at the camera and resting her face on her palm.

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

Patrisse Cullors is a New York Times bestselling author, educator, artist, and abolitionist from Los Angeles. In all areas of her life and work, Patrisse intends to continue to uplift Black stories, talent, and creators that are transforming the world of art and culture. She has been at the frontlines of the abolitionist movement, building with Black Lives Matter, Justice LA, Dignity and Power Now, and Reform LA jails. Patrisse has won numerous awards for her art and activism. Patrisse’s mission is to invite all of us to grow toward abolition through intergenerational healing work that centers love, collective care, and art.

Mother holding young daughter dancing and smiling outside during a festival

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