• Kristina Wong for Public Office

    Kristina Wong for Public Office

    Friday, February 7, 8:00 pm

    $20 General; $10 Members, Seniors, and Full-Time Students

    Still unsure who to vote for in 2020? Here’s one more candidate to throw in the ring! Kristina Wong is an internationally presented performance artist and now a real-life elected official in Koreatown. But her quest to serve doesn’t stop there! She’s set to entertain all of America with hilarious insights on voting history, the theatrics of campaigning, and the future of reality TV—in other words, our democracy!

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  • On the Other Side

    On the Other Side

    Friday, February 21, 8:00 pm

    $20 General; $10 Members, Seniors, and Full-Time Students

    In On the Other Side, performers whose lives have been directly and deeply impacted by borders at different times and in different places confront how these lines have affected their bodies, their thoughts, and their memories. Marike Splint and collaborators have created a visceral and kaleidoscopic investigation into the real and imagined borders that delineate the territories of our lives.

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  • True Stories: Tales from Herstory

    True Stories

    Tales from Herstory

    Friday, March 6, 8:00 pm

    $20 General; $10 Members and Full-Time Students

    In celebration of Women's History Month, actor, writer, and artistic director Lizzy Ross hosts a night of engaging storytelling by a lineup of powerhouse women, including Oscar-nominated actress, author, and podcaster Quinn Cummings; retired US Army Lt. Col and writer Terre Fallon-Lindeth; bestselling author and graphic novelist Cecil Castellucci; writer-performer and Wild Wild Christian author Simone McAlonen; NAACP Theatre Award–nominated actress Angela Bullock; and additional artists TBA.

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  • Babylon: Journeys of Refugees


    Journeys of Refugees

    Friday, April 24, 8:00 pm

    $20 General; $15 Members and Full-Time Students

    In anticipation of our annual Skirball Puppet Festival, watch a high-energy production by renowned theater company Sandglass TheaterBabylon: Journeys of Refugees uses puppets and moving panoramic scrolls to examine the compelling stories of refugees, their homelands, and the conflicts from which they flee. A Q&A follows the program.

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