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Skirball Cultural Center

Visions and Values Curriculum

Curriculum | For students

Large replica of liberty torch in the Vision and Values gallery

Explore the stories and artifacts featured in the Skirball’s permanent exhibition, Visions and Values: Jewish Life from Antiquity to America. Drawing on Jewish traditions, these FREE lessons invite young people of all cultural backgrounds to explore their family histories, create original works of art, and become agents of change.

Funding provided by Specified General Fund for the Museum Grant Program under the California Cultural and Historical Endowment.

Lesson Plans


Welcome to the Skirball

Learn about the Skirball Cultural Center, our essential Jewish values, and the exhibition that inspired this curriculum.


Lesson 1

Build Community

Consider personal and cultural values and engage in writing and discussion activities to identify shared classroom values.


Lesson 2

Honor Memory

Listen to the true story of one family’s journey from Eastern Europe to the United States more than one hundred years ago. Then make connections to life today.


Lesson 3

Seek Learning

Get to know more about a loved one or role model and create a work of art that can help carry these stories from one generation to the next.


Lesson 4

Pursue Justice

In the spirit of tzedakah, or "justice" in Hebrew, identify a need in your community and make a plan to effect change.


Lesson 5

The Power of Storytelling

Using an everyday, meaningful object as a primary source, students will learn how to tell a story as a creative way to express emotions, create cohesion, and build community and connection.


Lesson 6

Visual Analysis and Interpretation

Build visual analysis skills by comparing and contrasting works of art from around one hundred years ago that depict the immigration experience.


Introduction and Lessons 1–5

Full Collection

Download a zip file with the introduction and all five lessons.


Curriculum Extension

  • Community Collage

    Build upon the Honor Memory lesson plan with this collage-making activity developed by Los Angeles artist Stephanie Mercado. Combine Mercado’s illustrations with personal artwork and photos of family and friends to express the memories, values, and ideals you carry wherever you go.


    A collection of colorful cut out illustrations, including plants, a candlestick, shoes, a suitcase, and a typewriter.