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The Best of Trek, Volume II

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This is a past program

This program took place on
Saturday, February 19, 2022 and
Sunday, February 20, 2022
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About the Program

So nice, we had to do it twice! Join us once more for a two-day marathon of nine impactful Star Trek episodes in the Skirball’s Magnin Auditorium. Handpicked by Trek expert Scott Mantz, this selection highlights more of the franchise’s most groundbreaking and celebrated episodes and looks to the future of the Star Trek franchise. After each screening, take a deep dive into the making of the episode and its central themes with Mantz and a few special guests.

Plus, check out the exhibition Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds on its closing day, February 20, 4:30–7:00 pm!

Saturday, February 19

Session 1


(Star Trek Original Pilot, 1966)
The very first Star Trek episode ever filmed! Captain Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) is captured and narrowly escapes his intended role in plans to repopulate the barren planet of Talos IV. This pilot episode was deemed “too cerebral” and didn’t sell Star Trek as a series, but it did interest NBC enough for them to ask for a second pilot that had more action.


(Star Trek: The Original Series, 1966)
If NBC wanted more action, they got it with this second pilot about an Enterprise crew member who gains godlike powers but lacks the wisdom to use them. NBC also got William Shatner cast as Captain Kirk, a role that many would say Shatner was born to play!

Special guests: Mark A. Altman and Daren Dochterman, co-hosts of Inglorious Treksperts

Session 2


(Star Trek: The Original Series, 1967)
One of the all-time classics in which a transporter malfunction swaps Captain Kirk, Scotty, Dr. McCoy, and Uhura with their evil counterparts in a parallel universe.

Special guest: BarBara Luna, actor, “Marlena Moreau”


(Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1990)
The Enterprise encounters its greatest adversary, the Borg, who capture Captain Picard and assimilate him into their hive mind.

Special guest: Elizabeth Dennehy, actor, “Lieutenant Commander Shelby”

Watch Day 1 Q&As

Watch The Best of Trek, Vol II: Inglorious Treksperts Q&A.

Watch The Best of Trek, Vol II: Q&A with BarBara Luna.

Watch The Best of Trek, Vol II: Q&A with Elizabeth Dennehy.

Sunday, February 20

Session 1


(Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1990)
After Captain Picard’s transformation into Borg leader Locutus, the Enterprise crew must plan a rescue mission while also destroying the Borg once and for all.


(Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1992)
After being knocked unconscious by an alien probe, Captain Picard wakes up to find that his identity has been changed to Kamin of the planet Kataan, where he proceeds to live out the rest of his life.

Session 2


(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 1995)
When Jadzia Dax (the eighth host of the Dax symbiont) is reunited with the wife of one of her prior hosts, she must decide between honoring her Trill heritage or continuing their relationship.

Special guest: Terry Farrell, actor, “Jadzia Dax”

People of Earth

(Star Trek: Discovery, 2020)
After being reunited with Commanding Officer Michael Burnham in the 32nd century, the USS Discovery heads back to Earth to find out what led to the fall of the Federation over the last thousand years.

Special guest: Sonequa Martin-Green, actor, “Michael Burnham”

Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

(Star Trek: Picard, 2020)
In the Star Trek: Picard season one finale, Jean-Luc Picard and his team are pitted against the Romulans (a humanoid race from the planet Romulus) and a race of synthetics from the planet Coppelius in a final confrontation.

Special guest: Michelle Hurd, actor, “Raffi Musiker”

Watch Day 2 Q&As

Watch The Best of Trek, Vol II: Q&A with Terry Farrell.

Watch The Best of Trek, Vol II: Q&A with Sonequa Martin-Green.

Watch The Best of Trek, Vol II: Q&A with Michelle Hurd.

After the Screenings

Visit Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds, open late on its closing day just for all The Best of Trek, Volume II ticketholders!

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