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Skirball Cultural Center

Seeking Human Connection—Community Resources in a Time of Uncertainty

A speaker talking in an auditorium full of engaged adults.

Following the unprecedented attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7 and in light of the tremendous destruction of life and community in Gaza during the ensuing conflict, we have compiled resources and conducted events to help us feel more connected to each other, better understand the complex history of the region, and find ways to cope with the harsh realities of antisemitism at home and the war abroad. 

Current and Upcoming Programs and Resources

  • Current Events Discussion GroupGreat Discussions from the Foreign Policy Association. (January 25February 29) 

  • A Year in Israel in PrintA special Skirball book club discussing six bestselling books that depict Israel—each with a different perspective and from a different genre. (January 30–December 3)

  • Jewish Scholars and Black CollegesA conversation about HBCU's offer of refuge to German Jewish scholars from the Nazi regime in the late 1930s. (February 20)

  • Ancestors' VoicesA participatory workshop to help heal ancestral trauma and understand how it manifests in our bodies. (February 25)

  • Ingelore (2009)—Documentary screening and Q&A in partnership with Deaf West Theatre and Holocaust Museum LA. (February 28)

  • Yearning to Breathe Free—See America through fresh eyes in these amusing and profound contemporary Jewish stories performed by The Braid. (March 17)

Past Programs and Resources